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Join Waterfall Wanderers on a journey through the hinterlands and highlands of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. A stunning location combining lush tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls, natural rockslides and cool pools, where you can immerse yourself – quite literally – in nature.

Perfectly Planned Itinerary – From breathtaking panoramic vantage points, to the quietest most intimate encounters with some of Australia’s rarest and most elusive wildlife, our itineraries deliver it all.

Friendly, Professional Guides – Our guides are the friendliest, most knowledgeable and passionate guides in the region. They create the connection between you and your locations, sharing stories of geology, local legends and ancient myths. Our Waterfall Wanderers tours are fun and engaging, with plenty of time for swimming and relaxing too.

Rainforest Rivers. Crater Lakes. Wilderness Areas. We’ll Take You There.

Waterfall Wanderers Destinations

Babinda Boulders

Secluded rainforest swimming spot and place of cultural significance to the Yidinji Traditional Owners. The constantly cold water has come down the slopes of Queensland’s tallest mountain for hundreds of years, smoothing the giant granite boulders, for which the place is named. Make sure you visit The Devil’s Pool, a 1.3km return walk along Babinda Creek with viewing platforms overlooking a series of waterfalls and washpools. (Full Day Tour + Half Day Tour)

Josephine Falls

This is one of our fav places at Waterfall Wanderers! A natural rockslide, flowing with crystal clear rainwater, running into a pool surrounded by lush green rainforest. It doesn’t get any more perfect than this. You’re welcome to ‘ride the slide’, and our guides will show you how to reach the top and the best ways down, swim in the cool pool or just relax on the smooth boulders and breathe in the beauty of this place. (Full Day Tour + Half Day Tour)

Crawford’s Lookout

A feature of this landscape is rugged mountains with steep ravines, carved out over the years by mighty rivers. Crawford’s Lookout on the Palmerston Highway provides the perfect vantage point to take in this amazing panorama, providing views over the North Johnston River far below, framed by trees and ferns. It’s easy to imagine what it must have been like for early explorers, trying to find their way through thick jungle and raging rivers. (Full Day Tour)

Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa is an Aboriginal word meaning plenty of water or waterfall and we think Millaa Millaa is one of the prettiest waterfalls you will ever see. Tumbling 18m over basalt the veil of water falls into a generous pool surrounded by tree ferns, gingers and other tropical plants. The water is always cool and crisp, guaranteed to provide a refreshing experience. This spot is loved by locals and you will love it too. (Full Day Tour)

Curtain Fig Tree

The Curtain Fig Tree is a landmark up on the Atherton Tablelands and is an icon tree. Believed to be over 500 years old this tree has stood through the ages. At about 3-storeys high, its aerial roots drop down 15m from the canopy to the forest floor, making a tree root curtain. It’s like an animal tree house on steroids and a good place to keep an eye out for the elusive Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo. Elevated boardwalk lets you walk right around. (Full Day Tour)

Platypus Viewing

Aboriginal legend says the first platypus was born after a young duck fell in love with a lonely water-rat. The end result is a creature that has the bill of a duck, is covered in fur and gives birth to live young. Platypus intrigue all who see them. They are shy creatures and you need to be quiet if you have a chance to see them in the wild. This is your chance and while we can’t guarantee a sighting, we can promise they live here. (Full Day Tour)

Lake Eacham

Lake Eacham is a 65m deep crater lake filled with clear blue water, wrapped in lush rainforest and home to an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. The water is a constant 23 degrees and is home to turtles and freshwater fish. There’s plenty of time here for relaxing, swimming and/or exploring the boardwalks. A great place for birdwatching too, with over 180 species recorded here. (Full Day Tour)

Gordonvale Pyramid

Walshs Pyramid is a landmark peak in Gordonvale, on the southside of Cairns. This independent peak rises 922m into the sky, in almost perfect pyramid. At its core is a granite heart and its mountain exterior is cloaked in a combination of heathlands and stunted vegetation. There is a 6km return track which takes you to the summit, which is recommended only for experienced walkers. Enjoy views of this mountain on both Waterfall Wanderers tours. (Full Day Tour + Half Day Tour)

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